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QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner)
Introducing QiYi 1x3x3 Spinner! This awesome stress-relief twisty puzzle has dual functionality as a fully functional 1x3x3 Floppy cube and a fidget spinner! The ball-bearing spins super fast and is very quiet making this the most enjoyable fidget spinner that...
$ 12.95
QiYi QiFa Square-1 (Standard)
Check out the QiYi QiFa Square-1 (Standard)! This is the first entry-level square-1 to be released from QiYi and it features the popular "frosted" plastic for the Stickerless variant which improves grip and looks spectacular. When using the QiFa, you...
$ 7.95
QiYi Master Pyraminx
So you love the pyraminx but feel like you need some change? The QiYi Master Pyraminx is here for you! This 4-layered pyraminx is guaranteed to be tons of fun and a great next step if you have already "mastered"...
$ 16.95
QiYi Clover Cube (Plus)
As if the Clover Cube wasn't beautiful enough... Check out the QiYi Clover Cube Plus! The "Plus" version takes all of the amazing features of the original and adds 2x2 functionality to create a tougher challenge!
$ 24.95
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