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QiYi Mirror Blocks
The QiYi Mirror Blocks is based off of one of the most popular 3x3 shape-mods to date. QiYi's take on this puzzle resulted in ridiculously smooth layer rotations and stunning stickers. We also were excited to see two new plastic...
$ 5.95
ShengShou Mirror Blocks (3x3)
This puzzle is based on the traditional 3x3x3 puzzle but has different sized pieces to add a challenge. The rotates of this puzzle is smooth and swift.  
$ 8.95
MoYu Puppet Cube (I)
The MoYu Puppet Cube I may look simple but don't be fooled! As you twist and turn this puzzle you will find the true challenge through added centerpieces! Puppet Cube II also available (click here) Size: 56mm  |  Weight: 75g ...
$ 5.95
QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner)
Introducing QiYi 1x3x3 Spinner! This awesome stress-relief twisty puzzle has dual functionality as a fully functional 1x3x3 Floppy cube and a fidget spinner! The ball-bearing spins super fast and is very quiet making this the most enjoyable fidget spinner that...
$ 12.95
Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3
A frightening surprise awaits with the Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3. This take on the ghost cube includes smooth rotations and a durable design making this item very desirable for enthusiasts. Add custom stickers Included Accessories: Gold Sticker Set (not included...
$ 22.95
MoYu Redi Cube
The MoYu Redi Cube is a collaboration between MoYu and famous Dutch puzzle designer, Oskar Van Deventer. This item moves smoothly and feels very solid. This is a must have for any collection!
$ 13.95
QiYi Ivy Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Ivy Cube is a fun skewb shape mod that is the result of a collaboration between QiYi and Eitan. This puzzle moves very smoothly and is extremely stable as well!
$ 6.95
YuXin Penguin 2x2
The cuteness continues with the YuXin Penguin 2x2! This adorable puzzle solves just like a 2x2 but is solved based on shape, not color. This puzzle is a great novelty item for all ages!
$ 14.95
YJ Ball 3x3
The YJ Ball 3x3 is a uniquely crafted 3x3 - all of the cubies are spheres rather than cubes! This is a very cool puzzle for collection but also is tons of fun to speedsolve with!
$ 5.95
QiYi Dino Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Dino Cube is an updated design of the widely known "Dino cube" twisty puzzle. The Dino cube turns from corner to corner and QiYi's version features extremely smooth turning and a stable mechanism. The "Stickerless (Bright)" variant comes...
$ 5.95
MoFang JiaoShi Mastermorphix
The MoFang JiaoShi Mastermorphix is the first puzzle of this kind to be produced under the Cubing Classroom sub-brand. This puzzle sports vibrant, visually pleasing shades and moves very smoothly -- especially after lubrication.
$ 4.95
QiYi Six Spot Cube
The QiYi Six Spot Cube is a fun shape mod created by, David Pitcher, who is responsible for some awesome puzzles! The Six Spot Cube turns similar to an Ivy cube and is a fun challenge!
$ 5.95
Z Twist Cube
Talk about a plot twist! This 3x3 shape mod solves like your regular 3x3 but the insane shapes that this puzzle can transform into make it a lot more challenging!
$ 5.95
QiYi Mastermorphix (Standard)
The QiYi Mastermorphix is a very popular 3x3 shape mod! This item moves very smoothly and also features a frosted stickerless color scheme that is scratch resistant and vibrant.
$ 5.95
QiYi Axis Cube
The QiYi Axis Cube is a fun 3x3 shape mod that is solved by shape and color! The crazy shapes that this puzzle can turn into making it a fun challenge and features very smooth turning!
$ 4.95
Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V1
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V1! This set is full of colorful, "delicious" shape-mods! The apple and lemon are a 3x3 shape-mod while the banana is a 2x2x3 shape-mod -- all of which are...
$ 17.95
MoFang JiaoShi Polaris Cube
The MoFang JiaoShi Polaris Cube is a unique skewb shape mod! The corners can rotate independently but to start scrambling the puzzle you must turn each corner 60 degrees, allowing for the skewb mechanism to function. This puzzle can be quite intimidating...
$ 6.95
ShengShou Mirror Blocks (2x2)
The ShengShou 2x2 Mirror Blocks is simply the 2x2 version of the traditional Mirror Blocks.  This puzzle moves very smoothly out of the box and is a fun shapeshifter.  Included: -1 ShengShou 2x2 Mirror Blocks Specifications:
$ 6.95
YuXin Panda 2x2
The YuXin Panda 2x2 is a very cute novelty item that will put a smile on your face every time it is solved!  The layer rotations are smooth and the design adds a bit of an extra challenge!  
$ 14.95
QiYi Fisher Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Fisher Cube is a fun 3x3 shape mod that is solved by shape and color! The crazy shapes that this puzzle can turn into making it a fun challenge and features very smooth turning!
$ 4.95
YuXin Mini Panda 2x2 Keychain
The YuXin Mini Panda 2x2 Keychain is the perfect gift for anybody! After the massive success of the YuXin Panda 2x2, it was clear to YuXin that a mini version was needed for on the go fun! A keychain is...
$ 7.95
YJ Pyramorphix
The YJ Pyramorphix is a 2x2 shape mod that can shape shift and moves along the middle layers contrary to a traditional pyraminx.
$ 4.95
QiYi Windmill
The QiYi Windmill is a remastered version of the traditional windmill puzzle. QiYi's version of this puzzle has stable, smooth turning and offers amazing performance for the price. Being a 3x3 shape mod, this puzzle can change shape but solves like...
$ 4.95
Fanxin Apple
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Apple! This decorative 3x3 shape-mod solves just like a normal 3x3 but is more of a challenge since you are solving by piece shape versus color. "Treat" yourself and collect the entire fruit...
$ 5.95

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