ShengShou Master Pyraminx

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The ShengShou Master Pyraminx adds an extra layer onto the standard pyraminx and makes it a lot more of a challenge to solve! This item has smooth layer rotations and nice build quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Puzzle!

This is a solid, cool looking cube! Very good sticker quality, feels sturdy and not too heavy as well. I have a link to my review video of this cube right here ->V, very satisfied!

Cheesed C.
A good puzzle but not the best speed cube

The ShengShou Master Pyraminx has a good price, and turns smooth enough not to be frustrating to solve. It does lock up sometimes but it doesn't pop easily. It came slightly greasy, as most ShengShou puzzles come and it can be solved just with intuition provided the cuber can solve a 3x3 and a normal Pyraminx easily. Over all it is a good puzzle for anyone looking for something challenging butt that can be solved without too much knowledge or studying.


despite that stability scares me a bit, pretty good puzzle to play around with

Spencer W.
Very good puzzle

High quality and great for someone who enjoys the pyraminx but is looking for more of a challenge.

Colin C.
Great cube

This is a great and fun cube. It is easily mobile and can be fun to learn to solve. It's like the pyraminx, only its not... It has more layers which makes it more challenging.

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