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PAC-MAN & Cherry Nanoblock
PAC-MAN & Cherry from Nanoblock's PAC-MAN Character Collection series stands approximately 1.49" tall and has 150 pieces. Difficulty level is 1. This kit features all the details one would expect and is fun and easy to build! This is considered...
$ 11.95
Oskar Screw Enigma Puzzle (Double-Sided)
Oskar Screw Enigma Puzzle (Double-Sided) is a spin-off of the "Engel's Enigma" puzzle. When a circle is turned, all of the pieces move simultaneously which adds to the complexity of the puzzle! This 3D printed puzzle is a work of...
$ 32.95
Pyraminx Star 2x2x2
Pyraminx Star 2x2x2 is a hand-made puzzle based on a 2x2x2 cube and a pyraminx!
$ 13.95
FangShi Dreidel 3x3
FangShi Dreidel 3x3 is a 3x3 shape mod with rotating corners! This allows the for additional scrambling which adds to the challenge!
$ 44.95
ShengShou Zettaminx
ShengShou Zettaminx is an incredible puzzle with over 2,500 individual pieces! This 13x13 megaminx is the true test for any megaminx solver!
$ 829.95
Face-Off 2x2 Chinese Opera
Face-Off 2x2 Chinese Opera series consist of unique 2x2 shape mods with different mask designs for each version!
$ 19.95
ShengShou Pyramid Tower (4-Layer)
ShengShou Pyramid Tower (4-Layer) is a smooth-turning, fun puzzle!
$ 24.95
Full-Function Crazy Megaminx (Center-Locking)
Full-Function Crazy Megaminx (Center-Locking) has all centers locked and has no internal corners making it easier to solve than other crazy Megaminx.
$ 27.95
Okamoto & Greg Lattice Cube (4-Color)
Okamoto & Greg Lattice Cube is a fun twisty puzzle that turns like a skewb!
$ 38.95
Evgeniy Icosahedron (Dogix)
Evgeniy Icosahedron (Dogix) is based on the mf8 crazy megaminx mechanism. Each of the three versions has different features! Dogix: 12 sticker colors and a special sticker pattern with 5 big and 5 small triangular stickers
$ 57.95
FangShi XO Cube
FangShi XO Cube is a 3D printed puzzle that has an interesting feature -- only the centers rotate!
$ 55.95
WitEden (3x3x13) Cuboid
WitEden 3x3x13 Cuboid is a shape-shifting puzzles with 13 layers that all turn!
$ 44.95
QiYi Warrior Plus Max Massive 3x3 38cm (Storage Box)
QiYi Warrior Plus Max Massive 3x3 38cm (Storage Box) is ridiculously cool and actually turns very well since it is designed like a standard-size speed cube! Storage Box version comes with magnetic colored tiles in place of vinyl stickers. These...
$ 395.95
Yummy Icy Cola (Mini) 3x3 Keychain Cube
Yummy Icy Cola Mini 3x3 Keychain Cube is a part of the Hungry Collection by Calvin's Puzzles. See if you can solve it without getting hungry! Key features UV printed icy cola design on all 6 sides
$ 9.95
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Rubik's 3x3 Phantom
RUBIK’S PHANTOM: Innovation adds a new layer of challenge to the 3x3 Cube. Touch the Cube tiles to temporarily reveal color. Solve the latest Cube, the Phantom, as the colors fade in and out through the heat of your touch....
$ 14.99

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