SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer

SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer


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The SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer is a fresh re-design of the immensely popular, SpeedStacks timer with tons of new features!

New features:

  • No more accidental timer resets! Both power and reset buttons must be held for a half-second before they activate.
  • Reinforced button design to prevent premature wear.
  • New shape! The G5 is now smaller and more compact.
  • Two start/stop modes. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds to toggle between "2-Pad" and "4-Pad" modes.
  • "2-Pad" mode requires you to place your fingertips on the two pads to start/stop timing.
  • "4-Pad" mode requires you to use both your fingertips and thumbs to start/stop timing.
  • Auxiliary cord plug-in is now found underneath the timer to prevent it from being unplugged by mistake.

*Batteries NOT included (AAA)



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