SpeedStacks G4 Timer (Customized)

SpeedStacks G4 Timer (Customized)


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Would you like us to apply the skin to your timer?
$ 46.95
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Let us help you enhance the look of your SpeedStacks G4 Timer with one of our skins!

Our skins do not change the sensitivity of the timer pads and are super easy to apply!

Don't want to install yourself?  Select the option below to have us send your timer to you your skin pre-installed!

Timer description

The G4 Timer includes similar features to the previous models like the ability to save personal best times and connect to a computer or display.  Additionally, the G4 is a completely revamped design that is optimized for cubing.  By having the timing pads at a slight angle, the distance traveled to pick up and put down puzzles is lessened.  The overall build quality of this timer is unparalleled in today's market.

*Batteries NOT included 

Installation tips

- Gently clean the timer using isopropyl alcohol before applying.

- These are overlays that are applied directly to the timer. Do not remove any factory components.

- Peel off and install one component at a time. Use the edges of the timer as guides.

Included with bundle

( 1 ) SpeedStacks G4 Timer

( 1 ) Timer Skin (Skin will either be sent as a kit or pre-installed depending on your selection)

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