About Us

Our Mission

SpeedCubeShop (SCS) strives to help make the cubing / puzzling community a better place by continuing to provide a fast, reliable, and fun experience for our customers. With the support of the puzzlers world-wide, we will continue to only supply you with the best that we have to offer.


In 2008, 14 year-old Cameron Brown was growing tired of dealing with unreliable service and expensive shipping rates to order puzzles from overseas retailers. Cameron's dream was to start the first USA-based cubing store in Bakersfield, California and help the cubing community get speedcubes quickly, and at competitive prices. Customer service is something that Cameron continues to ensure is top notch for his valued customers. After not receiving countless orders from overseas and dealing with unsatisfactory customer service, Cameron knew that the cubing community deserved better. Since 2008, SpeedCubeShop (SCS) has continued to grow year after year, earning the trust of cubers world-wide.

Meet the Owner

Cameron Brown has been the owner and CEO of SpeedCubeShop (SCS) since its launch in late 2008. Cameron began cubing in the 6th grade after becoming inspired by the movie The Pursuit of Happiness and started competing in WCA (World Cube Association) events shortly after in April of 2008. Present day, Cameron is 22 years old and loves puzzling and running SpeedCubeShop more than ever. Outside of cubing and SCS, Cameron enjoys racing cars, building cars, and spending time with family and friends.

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