Goliath NEXcube 3x3 Classic

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TIP: This item is a re-branded MoYu MeiLong 3x3 Speed Cube

Are you ready to try your hand at beating the World Record for fastest cube puzzle completion? NEXcube by Goliath offers unparalleled, ergonomic sliding action with adjustable elasticity designed to fit any cuber's personal style. With a flick of the wrist, users can customize flexibility to meet the needs of even the most adept speedcuber. Display stand is included. Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Super smooth exterior for fast action movements
  • Goliath NEXcube 3x3 Classic Puzzle Cube is recommended for ages 8 and up
  • A World Record-Setting cube puzzle
  • Display stand included
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable elasticity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
It Is Ok For a Non Magnetic Cube

Got it at walmart, it turns fine, its literally just a rebranded meilong so that's expected.

Ahmed B.
This is a fairly good Budget Cube

It might not have magnets but it still is fairly good for the price i whould recoment using Comos to make it a bit more controlable

Max G.

This is my beginner use cube, and I think it’s fine for me, could’ve been better.

Not the WORST cube I've tried

I picked this one up at walmart for $3 and change to sort of hold me over while my main cube was missing (I found it inside my favorite chair like a month later). It was adequate for that purpose, to fidget with until I found my main or got enough money to replace it. Turning is alright, nothing spectacular--it's not as bad as like, a Rubik's, or one of those dollar store ones. I don't like how stretchy it feels, and it doesn't seem to be magnetic at all. It's unstable and doesn't really hold its shape. I've never had it pop or corner twist, but even so, when solving I just feel like I have a handful of pieces instead of a whole cube. My rs3 m 2020 is in bad need of cleaning and re-lubing and STILL feels miles better than this one. I still carry it around with me to fidget with though. I like to keep a couple extra cubes in my bag in case of emergency, yknow?

Sankalp S.
A major Upgrade for beginners

This was my first speed cube and surprisingly I didn't expect it to turn out this great this cube gave me my best time on a solve but I was disappointed that it didn't have any magnets. But still its a great speed cube for beginners

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Estimated to ship Jul 29 to Aug 07
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