MoYu Super RS3 M V2 3x3 Magnetic (Ball-Core UV Coated)

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Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
Damage Protection No
Add Ons None
Martian Lubricant
Galaxy Lubricant

MoYu Super RS3 M V2 3x3 Magnetic (Ball-Core UV Coated) is an exciting update to the immensely popular "RS3" series and is now a top-tier speed cube!

Version comparison
Standard MagLev Ball-Core
MagLev - Yes Yes
Magnetic core - - Yes
Total magnets 48 60 88
Exterior finish UV Coated UV Coated UV Coated
Dual-adjustment 9 settings
9 settings
9 settings
Size 55.5mm 55.5mm 55.5mm
Weight 70g


Ball-Core features
  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
  • Auto-alignment 2.0
MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • No springs required
  • Faster turning feel
UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
Key features
  • Dual-adjustment system (9 settings)
  • 55.5mm smaller size
  • Customizable feel
  • Lightning fast turning-feel
  • Snappy corner-cutting
Accessories included
  • Dual-adjustment tool
  • Tension setting tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Storage box
  • Spare dual-adjustment piece

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