Speed Lube (Weight 1)

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Speed Lube is a popular lubricant option among speed cubers who are looking to achieve a longer-lasting and specific feel.

Note: Not recommended for cubers inexperienced with puzzle maintenance and setup.

Cosmic lube is far easier to apply and is recommended until you are comfortable with completely disassembling and re-assembling your puzzle.

How it works:

Speed Lube is offered in 8 different weights, each "weight" being a different viscosity or "thickness".

The larger the number, the thicker or more viscous the lubricant. This will in turn create a smoother, more controllable feel.

We find that many cubers will mix different Speed Lubes. A common example would be a higher weight on the core and a lower weight on the pieces to create a quick, smooth feel.

Recommended for: All puzzles (especially big cubes)

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply Speed Lube and how much should I use?

A: Speed Lube can be applied in various different ways thanks to the precision dispensing tip -- there isn't necessarily a "wrong way" to apply it. The amount used will vary depending on your desired feel.

Q: When should I apply and re-apply?

A: Applying lubricant to a new puzzle is an easy, cheap, way to extend the lifespan by reducing friction and also improve performance. Re-apply as desired.

Q: Does Speed Lube mix well with other lubricants?

A: Yes, Speed Lube mixes well with any of our Cosmic lubricants or other Speed Lubes.

Disclaimer: Product is non-toxic and safe for skin but please refrain from ingesting.


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
James M.

Just so you know the number is how slow you want it to be if you want to make your cube faster than you should pick one of Speed Cube Shops other lubricants.

Oliver M.

Is a little slower than I'm used too, works very well, definitely a good base lube to but definitely need more to help with speed

Arlo c.

This worked really good and I say 1-3 drops (prefferably 3) is good.


It made my cubes feel way better and smoother.

Decent Lubricant

It's not the best lubricant I've ever tried, but it is fast and will get the job done if you need extremely fast silicone lubricant like syringe lubricants.

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