YJ MGC EVO (V2) 3x3 Magnetic

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Martian Lubricant

YJ MGC EVO V2 3x3 Magnetic offers notable improvements over the previous generation!

WARNING: The center caps need to be installed in a specific way. Please pay attention to the "clips" that will align with the centerpiece.

Version comparison
  Standard Core Magnets
Total magnets 48 54
Magnet adjustment 6 settings 6 settings
Spring compression 11 settings 11 settings
Size 55.5mm 55.5mm
Weight 67g 76g
Internal plastic color Primary Primary
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted


Key features
  • Increased stability and precise turning (Core magnets version)
  • Stronger core for improved stability
  • Improved adjustment system
  • New piece surface design for reduced friction and improved lubricant distribution
  • Semi-gloss exterior finish
  • Light, fast-turning feel
  • Light-weight design
  • Corner-twist resistant
  • 11 spring settings
  • 6 magnet strengths
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($2.95 value)
  • Magnet adjustment tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Crazy fast!

Right out of the box this cube was fast, really fast, even the extra magnets didn't help much. On the other hand it is very easy to adjust and can be slowed down with lube. All and all this cube is some what nice and would be fine for a fast turner or Tingboy :D

Pretty Good

This cube is extremely fast OOTB more faster than MOYU WRM V9. OOTB There's 11 tension settings it was set at 0 which is the looses tension, I did experiment with some other tension settings but ended up using the 10th setting it made it a little more tighter. There's no center travel adjustment hopefully they'll put that on the next version. There's 6 magnets settings 1 is the weakest 6 is the strongest I just kept it at 6. Since the cube was still extremely fast I end up using some Cosmos lube I use 4 fairly big drops which it did slow down enough to make it more controllable. The special matte finish they put on the cube does give it a better grip than your traditional matte finish which I like. Should you get the cube well that depends, if you are sloppy at turning you might not like it. This cube could be a good practice cube because will force you to slow down and be more accurate in your turning and that could be a plus for you. I do like it but it does take some getting used to.

It’s a decent speed cube, maybe not for everyone

I gotta grew with everything that’s been said about this cube. It has occasional lock ups, the settings don’t seem that different from each other. It’s still a nice pillowy feel and is fun to solve on. I reacts well to a slightly mellower lube. I put in Speedy and it really softened the overall klakiness of the cube.

Quality wise I gotta admit it feels closer to a $10 cube than a $20 cube. At this price point it’s hard to compete with entry level MoYu’s.

Other reviewer said it best- hard to believe the company that makes such amazing 4x4s, 5x5s and 6x6s can’t make an amazing 3x3.

Fits me quite well

Given what I've heard, this cube is not for most people, it works nice for me, it's very fast, feels nice, sounds good, overall a great cube. However, I have 2 problems with it, the magnets are a little weak for my personal taste, but the corner cutting is sub-par, it wouldn't be as much of a problem with stronger magnets, or maybe corner core magnets. If this cube had better corner cutting, and a wider magnet range, such as 1 being very weak, and 6 being very strong, then this cube would be top tier.

best cube

it is the best cube

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