DaYan TengYun V3 M Overview | How Quiet Is It?

DaYan TengYun V3 M Overview | How Quiet Is It?

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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When you hear the word "TengYun", the first thing that comes to your mind is probably its sound. The Dayan TengYun M (V1) has become iconic for its quiet turning and it's still considered to be one of the quietest cubes on the market, even 4 years after its release. When the TengYun V2 M was announced, many cubers were expecting its sound to be similar to the V1. However, although the V2 is a good cube, it lacked the main quality that made its predecessor so memorable: the sound. Now, DaYan has released the third iteration of their legendary TengYun series, the DaYan TengYun V3 M - will it live up to the standards of the V1, or will it fall short of what the TengYun is known for?


The Dayan TengYun V3 M is 55.5mm across and weighs 79 grams, which is standard for a 3x3. It comes with a translucent orange cube case, a matching accessories box, a storage bag, and a screwdriver.


There are 5 magnet strengths which can be adjusted using the included screwdriver, providing a wide range of options for different preferences and turning styles.

Reminiscent of GAN's GES system, there are 3 nuts that can be swapped out for different center travel distances (the equivalent of a screw). Orange is the tightest, green is the loosest, and white is in the middle. 

The spring compression can also be adjusted using the included tool to 4 different settings, allowing for 60 possible combinations total!

Out of the box, the cube is equipped with the white tension nuts, the 4th spring compression setting, and the strongest magnet setting.


Since there are so many different customization options, the speed and stability can be adjusted to one's liking. After the cube is properly customized and lubricated, it has great performance comparable to that of other modern speedcubes. It also has a very soft, plush turning sound that many cubers will enjoy.

"After applying some Nebula and Lunar speed cube lubricant, I was left with a very fast, controllable, and quiet cube."

Cameron Brown

Although the TengYun V3 M is slightly louder than the V1, its noticeable improvements in performance and many customization options are a worthy tradeoff. 

Click here for a sound test of the TengYun V3 M.


Unlike the TengYun V1 which is mostly renowned for its sound alone and not its performance, the TengYun V3 M manages to combine the legendary quietness of the V1 with the performance and customizability of newer speedcubing hardware. Due to this, it's very enjoyable to solve on and it's a great cube to have in your collection!

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