MoYu RS6 vs MoYu AoShi 6x6 | Flagship Killer 6x6?

MoYu RS6 vs MoYu AoShi 6x6 | Flagship Killer 6x6?

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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The MoYu RS series is well-known for its exceptional performance at a reasonable price, often providing a great alternative to more expensive flagship cubes. Soon, the series will be expanded with the MoYu RS6, a budget version of the MoYu AoShi 6x6.


The MoYu RS6 is 61mm across, which is even smaller than the MoYu AoShi 6x6. The 63mm AoShi is already considered a very small 6x6, so it's interesting to see MoYu pushing the size down even further with the RS6.

The weight of the RS6 is almost identical to that of the AoShi, being 146g as compared to 149g. The color shades and exterior finishes of both puzzles are also very similar.

The RS6 also has magnets, which are extremely useful for big cubes.


Out of the box, the MoYu RS6 is a pretty fast cube yet it's still controllable. The outer layers can corner cut one piece and the overall feel is pretty stable. The RS6's compact size and fast turning make it really easy to use, especially for beginner solvers.


Although the price of the MoYu RS6 is not known yet, it will be cheaper than the flagship MoYu AoShi 6x6. This price difference is reflected in the feel of the cubes. 

"The AoShi does have a more premium feel; I don't really know how to explain it, it just does feel more expensive."

Cameron Brown

The biggest difference between the two cubes is lockups. The MoYu RS6 has hollow centerpiece internals which can cause catching if you're turning inaccurately. The MoYu AoShi, on the other hand, is more solid and is less prone to locking up. For most cubers, the lockups on the RS6 won't be a major issue unless they have aggressive, inaccurate turning styles.


Even though the MoYu AoShi 6x6 is clearly better than the MoYu RS6, a budget 6x6 with good performance is an exciting addition to the cubing market, especially since there aren't many good 6x6s at a cheaper price. 

Which one should I buy? If money isn't an issue, then the MoYu AoShi 6x6 is a more premium option with better performance than the RS6. If you're not sure about whether spending $44 on the AoShi is worth it or if you're a beginner just getting into 6x6, then the RS6 is the best option compared to other budget 6x6s on the market.

RS6 coming soon!

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