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Comet and Cosmos are perfect compliments to each other and will restore balance to your speed cube.

Both lubricants are identical in terms of controllability, heaviness, and gumminess except Comet is fast and Cosmos is controllable.

Mix and match until you find yourself the perfect balance of speed and control to help avoid those pesky lock-ups!

Add too much of one? Simply wipe off with a paper towel and start fresh.

Includes: Comet, Cosmos

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply lubricant and how much should I use?

A: We recommend 6 drops for most cases. Follow this guide to learn how to apply.

Q: When should I apply and re-apply?

A: Applying lubricant to a new puzzle is an easy, cheap, way to extend the lifespan by reducing friction and also improve performance. Re-apply as desired.

Q: How do I know what each lubricant does?

A: Check out this page for a complete list of product specifications.

Disclaimer: Product is non-toxic and safe for skin but please refrain from ingesting.


Customer Reviews

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Julian M.
Great lube!

I put it on my monster go 3x3 and immediately felt the difference. This was my first experience with lube and it was a good one!


i put this on my wrm v9 and my gan 11, its good but id recomend using less than 6 drops if you dont want to slow it too much.

Evan P.
Great lubes

Does what it says, cosmos slows a cube down a lot, but they balance each other out .

Feels Heavy

Cosmos (the blue one) works great for slowing down a cube. Feels similar to Galaxy but slightly heavier.
Comet (red) does make your cube faster, but it also does make it feel a bit heavier. It's a pretty unique feel. I prefer using Martian/Lunar for speed because they feel lighter.

Good, but feel sticky together.

The comet and cosmos are amazing separately, but if you put enough of them in to change the feeling of the cube it will start to feel sticky. It feels as if you have to pull the lube off the pieces when you turn it. I find that comet works well for the insider parts of the cube, and the cosmos works better for the edge to corner contact.

I feel as if it's better to buy the variety pack so you can try all the lubes, these two included. I don't feel as if this bundle is worth buying. Based on how they work individually they should work well together theoretically. However, together I don't feel that they work well together.

Neither of these lubes work well in bigger cubes. They do almost nothing until it starts to feel gummy. The comet works well for 3x3s, and the cosmos works well for my squan. You might as well get a much faster lube like lunar or martian to make bigger cubes faster. Both lubes work well separately for the 2x2.

However, you are saving 8 cents by buying both of them together.

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