Ultimate Lube Bundle

Ultimate Lube Bundle


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Mix and match our premium speed lube lubricants to create a completely custom turning feel!

Our easy to apply lubricants each offer its own unique properties so whether you are looking to experiment or simply get a great deal, our ultimate lube bundle is a whole lot of awesome.

Includes: Comet, Cosmos, Galaxy, Lunar, Martian, Nebula, Stardust

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply lubricant and how much should I use?

A: We recommend 6 drops for most cases. Follow this guide to learn how to apply.

Q: When should I apply and re-apply?

A: Applying lubricant to a new puzzle is an easy, cheap, way to extend the lifespan by reducing friction and also improve performance. Re-apply as desired.

Q: How do I know what each lubricant does?

A: Check out this page for a complete list of product specifications.

Disclaimer: Product is non-toxic and safe for skin but please refrain from ingesting.


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