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Monster Go Mirror
Monster Go Mirror is an unmagnetized version of the popular GAN Mirror Magnetic which puts a modern spin on the classic mirror blocks! Key features Corner-cutting Adjustable tension settings Yellow plastic paired with orange metallic color-shifting stickers Overview Solves like a...
$ 11.95
YJ Axis Cube V2
YJ released an updated version of the Axis Cube!  This new version is based off of some of YJ's top performing 3x3x3's with the expectation of nice performance.  Add custom stickers  
$ 7.95
QiYi Pyramorphix
The QiYi Pyramorphix is a nicely made shape mod that turns similarly to a pyraminx but can also change shapes!
$ 5.95
YJ Fortune Cat 2x2x2
The YJ Fortune Cat 2x2x2 is a fun 2x2x2 shape-mod that can be solved the same way as a standard 2x2x2.  Match up all of the pieces and be greeted by a cute fortune cat at the end! Included: -1...
$ 7.95
Mini Round 3x3 Keychain
On the go fun! The round 3x3 is a fun variant of your regular 3x3 cube and is now available in a compact, on the go size! Don't be fooled by its size, this puzzle moves very well and is...
$ 3.95
Mini Penrose 3x3 Keychain
The Mini Penrose 3x3 Keychain is a beautiful shape-shifting 3x3 shape-mod. The Penrose is unlike anything we have ever seen before and is tons of fun to solve and can be quite tricky since there are only 3 colors for...
$ 3.95
QiYi Pillowed Pyramorphix
The QiYi Pillowed Pyramorphix is a 2x2 shape mod featuring frosted stickerless plastic. The turning of this puzzle is very smooth and the shape shifting provides a fun challenge!
$ 5.95
YJ Petal Pyraminx
The YJ Petal Pyraminx is a new shape mod that features "spinnable" centers and turning that mimics a traditional pyraminx puzzle.
$ 6.95
MoFang JiaoShi Windmill
MoFang JiaoShi has released the most modern Windmill cube of 2018! This popular shape mod is now redesigned to offer faster, more controllable layers and a smooth matte surface with vibrant colors.
$ 5.95
ShengShou (4x4) Mastermorphix
The ShengShou (4x4) Mastermorphix (Megamorphix) is a step up from the 2x2 Mastermorphix and Mastermorphix. This smooth-turning item is great for any collection or for someone looking for a fun challenge!
$ 13.95
YJ Windmill V2
The remastered version of the YJ Windmill is a lot smoother and higher quality than the previous model. This popular 3x3x3 shape-mod is sure to keep you busy!  
$ 7.95
HOT Seller
DianSheng FTO Magnetic
DianSheng FTO Magnetic is a significant advancement for FTO (Face-turning octahedron) hardware! Key features Glossy exterior for improved grip and appearance "Tortoise shell" piece design for smoother turning and lubricant distribution Factory-installed magnets for smoother, more accurate turning Overview Smooth,...
$ 17.95
Fanxin Lemon
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Lemon! This decorative 3x3 shape-mod solves just like a normal 3x3 but is more of a challenge since you are solving by piece shape versus color. "Treat" yourself and collect the entire fruit...
$ 5.95
Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V2
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V2! This set is full of colorful, "delicious" shape-mods! The peach, orange, and pear are all 3x3 shape-mods which are solved by shape rather than color! These are awesome for...
$ 26.95
ShengShou Pyramorphix
Enjoy this high-end pyramorphix, equipped with better stickers and is now more durable than ever before.  
$ 8.95
Fanxin Basketball 3x3
Whether you love sports, a fun solve, or both, this is for you! The Fanxin Basketball 3x3 is a 3x3 shapemod that solves by making sure that the "lines" are all lined up. One cool feature is that the exterior...
$ 4.95
QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx
The QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx is a quick and easy to solve puzzle and was designed by our very own Kevin Uhrik! With an included solution manual, the Coin Tetrahedron can be used to teach basic twisty puzzle-solving skills. With...
$ 5.95
QiYi Corner Mastermorphix
The QiYi Corner Mastermorphix is a relatively easy puzzle to master and is a great entry in the "morphix" category.
$ 6.95
Sold Out
QiYi Clover Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Clover Cube is a beautifully crafted shape-shifting puzzle. The clover cube not only looks great but it also move VERY well and feels very durable unlike some other intricate puzzles. Check out the Plus version!
$ 19.95
ShengShou Pyraminx Duo
The ShengShou Pyraminx Duo is a nice re-design of this fun to solve puzzle! Enjoy the smooth turning of this puzzle and the addition of dimples to assist with grip and ease of turning.
$ 6.95
ShengShou Void Magic Tower
The ShengShou Void Pyraminx is a new version of the Jing Pyraminx except without a center! Enjoy a more challenging solution with the Void Pyraminx!
$ 8.95
Mini Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere Keychain
The Mini Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere Keychain features a unique design with different sized internal "cubies" that are solved by shape or color along with the 2x2 outer pieces. Now that this popular puzzle is available as a keychain, there is...
$ 3.95
ShengShou Mirror Magic Tower
Dive into the ShengShou Mirror Magic Tower! This puzzle creates a bigger challenge given that you solve by shape, not color.
$ 8.95
QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner S)
QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner S) is an awesome stress-relief twisty puzzle that has dual functionality as a fully functional 1x3x3 Floppy cube and a fidget spinner! The ball-bearing spins super fast and is very quiet making this the most enjoyable fidget spinner...
$ 5.95

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