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Cube Display Stand (V2)
Looking for a cost-effective way to display your favorite puzzles? Pick up a cube display stand and enjoy the flexibility of displaying a different design whenever you want simply by rotating the cube stand to show a different side! V2...
$ 0.79
Z 2x2x1
The Z 2x2x1 is a great addition to any collection and makes a great gift! The turning and overall feel of this puzzle is shockingly good. This puzzle features cloth stickers that are vibrant and feel great.
$ 3.95
Fanxin Banana
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Banana! This decorative 2x2x3 shape-mod solves just like a normal 2x2x3 but is more of a challenge since you are solving by piece shape versus color. "Treat" yourself and collect the entire fruit collection! NOTE: Manufacturer...
$ 5.95
Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3
A frightening surprise awaits with the Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3. This take on the ghost cube includes smooth rotations and a durable design making this item very desirable for enthusiasts. Add custom stickers Included Accessories: Gold Sticker Set (not included...
$ 22.95
Sold Out
X-Man Volt V2 Square-1 (Fully Magnetic)
X-Man Volt V2 Square-1 (Fully Magnetic) is a fresh update of the popular Volt square-1. Key features: - Improved design for stability - Metal locknut to prevent core stripping - More durable locknut design - Factory-installed magnets in the slice,...
$ 19.95
Mini 2x2 Keychain Cube
Having trouble transporting your puzzles when you are on the go? Make travel simple and add a Mini 2x2 Keychain Cube to your keys or bag and make sure you are never without your cube! Despite this puzzle only being...
$ 3.95
MoYu Redi Cube
The MoYu Redi Cube is a collaboration between MoYu and famous Dutch puzzle designer, Oskar Van Deventer. This item moves smoothly and feels very solid. This is a must have for any collection!
$ 13.95
QiYi Ivy Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Ivy Cube is a fun skewb shape mod that is the result of a collaboration between QiYi and Eitan. This puzzle moves very smoothly and is extremely stable as well!
$ 6.95
YuXin Penguin 2x2
The cuteness continues with the YuXin Penguin 2x2! This adorable puzzle solves just like a 2x2 but is solved based on shape, not color. This puzzle is a great novelty item for all ages!
$ 14.95
QiYi Warrior W 3x3 (Jelly Edition)
QiYi Warrior W 3x3 (Jelly Edition) is a "delicious" option when it comes to entry-level speedcubes! The Warrior W has controlled, smooth turning and the translucent plastic will definitely stand out among your collection! This Jelly cube is so good...
$ 5.95
MoFang JiaoShi Mastermorphix
The MoFang JiaoShi Mastermorphix is the first puzzle of this kind to be produced under the Cubing Classroom sub-brand. This puzzle sports vibrant, visually pleasing shades and moves very smoothly -- especially after lubrication.
$ 4.95
QiYi 1x3x3 (Standard)
The QiYi 1x3x3 is a fun shape shifting cuboid! This version of the 1x3x3 can rotate in both full and half turns (shown in picture) allowing the puzzle to change shape and become more of a challenge! This 1x3x3 also...
$ 4.95
Z Twist Cube
Talk about a plot twist! This 3x3 shape mod solves like your regular 3x3 but the insane shapes that this puzzle can transform into make it a lot more challenging!
$ 5.95
QiYi Master Pyraminx
So you love the pyraminx but feel like you need some change? The QiYi Master Pyraminx is here for you! This 4-layered pyraminx is guaranteed to be tons of fun and a great next step if you have already "mastered"...
$ 16.95
QiYi Axis Cube
The QiYi Axis Cube is a fun 3x3 shape mod that is solved by shape and color! The crazy shapes that this puzzle can turn into making it a fun challenge and features very smooth turning!
$ 4.95
QiYi O2 Cube (2 Versions)
The QiYi O2 Cube is a great way to get into twisty puzzles or share the fun with a friend or family member! This puzzle is solved intuitively by moving the centers into the solved position and doubles as a...
$ 5.95
HelloCube 2x2 Gear Shift
The HelloCube 2x2 Gear Shift is a very smooth turning gear puzzle!
$ 7.95
GAN Robot V2
The GAN Robot V2 is the "smartest" way to solve your cube! Compatible with the GAN 356 i and 356 XS, you can connect to the mobile app to have your cube scrambled or solved in mere seconds! Version 2...
$ 74.95
QiYi 1x2x3
The QiYi 1x2x3 is the perfect gift for anyone! This puzzle is rather easy to solve given that there are only a handful of possible scrambles and is a great confidence booster for those who aren't ready for the 3x3!...
$ 4.45
X-Man Tornado V3 3x3 Magnetic (Flagship)
X-Man Tornado V3 3x3 Magnetic (Flagship - Magnetic Core) is the cube used to set the current 3x3 world-record single of 3.13 seconds and brings new features across three different versions! Version comparison Standard Flagship Pioneer MagLev - - Yes...
$ 32.95
MoFang JiaoShi Polaris Cube
The MoFang JiaoShi Polaris Cube is a unique skewb shape mod! The corners can rotate independently but to start scrambling the puzzle you must turn each corner 60 degrees, allowing for the skewb mechanism to function. This puzzle can be quite intimidating...
$ 6.95
YuXin Panda 2x2
The YuXin Panda 2x2 is a very cute novelty item that will put a smile on your face every time it is solved!  The layer rotations are smooth and the design adds a bit of an extra challenge!  
$ 14.95
HelloCube 3x3 Gear Cube
The HelloCube 3x3 Gear Cube is a great bang for your buck if you are looking to get into gear puzzles! This item features durable fluorescent cloth stickers that enhance the appearance of the Gear Cube! Additionally, the mechanism is...
$ 7.95
YuXin Mini Panda 2x2 Keychain
The YuXin Mini Panda 2x2 Keychain is the perfect gift for anybody! After the massive success of the YuXin Panda 2x2, it was clear to YuXin that a mini version was needed for on the go fun! A keychain is...
$ 7.95

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