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GAN Cube Display Stand (2 Versions)
Show off your favorite speed cubes with the GAN Cube Display Stand! Unlike traditional cube stands, GAN's rendition puts a new "spin" on things! 2 Display Settings Locked: Allows cube to spin on stand in 45-degree increments Un-locked: Allows cube...
$ 6.95
MoreTry TianMa X3 3x3 Magnetic (4 Versions)
MoreTry TianMa X3 Series is the first release from this new manufacturer! Version comparison   Single Double Triple Super Weight 73g 75g 78g 83g Magnet system Standard Double Half-travel MagLev Number of magnets 48 96 120 132 Tension system Spring...
$ 14.95
GAN Mirror Magnetic (UV Coated)
GAN Mirror Magnetic (UV Coated) puts a modern spin on a classic puzzle! UV Coating High gloss exterior finish, improved grip Key features Factory magnetized with 48 magnets Excellent corner-cutting Adjustable tension settings Purple plastic paired with purple/blue metallic color-shifting...
$ 27.95
LanLan Void Cube
This puzzle is very fun to solve and has smooth rotation. Included: -1 LanLan Void Cube
$ 7.95
YJ TianYuan Puzzle
YJ TianYuan is a new series of easy, fun puzzles for everyone to enjoy! Each puzzle is solved by moving the centerpiece but some versions have an added twist such as having to also solve the corner or the inner...
$ 4.95
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 10x10
The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 10x10 is a ground-breaking release! The MeiLong series continues to make higher order cubes available at a substantially lower price point without jeopardizing quality. The MeiLong 10x10 turns very smoothly and is a comfortable 90mm in...
$ 59.95
YuXin Earth 2x2
The YuXin Earth 2x2 is a beautiful design that is tricky to solve by matching up the pieces of the planet!
$ 9.95
Fanxin Dinosaur Twisty Puzzles Bundle
You'll love these terrifyingly cute Fanxin Dinosaur twisty puzzles! Each Dinosaur is a 2x2x3 shape mod which is great for those looking to get into shape mods or enjoy a relatively easy solve. Rather than solving with stickers, you will...
$ 41.94 starting at $ 20.97
HOT Seller
GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev UV Coated)
GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev UV Coated) is the future of speedcubing. The 13 offers tons of new features and improvements that are sure to improve your solving experience! Model comparison   GAN 13 MagLev GAN 13 MagLev FX GAN...
$ 62.95
HeShu 18cm 3x3
HeShu 18cm 3x3 is formerly the World's Largest production cube! It is a very fun novelty item that is also fully functional.
$ 39.95
Sold Out
QiYi Fluffy 3x3
The QiYi Fluffy 3x3 is a shape mod of a standard 3x3 featuring wavy cuts versus traditional straight cuts. The Fluffy 3x3 still functions identically to a traditional 3x3 and even has smooth turning and nice corner cutting!
$ 5.95
Fanxin 4x4 Axis Cube
The Fanxin 4x4 Axis Cube is a popular 4x4 shape mod designed to be more of a challenge by changing shape!
$ 8.95
MoYu Rainbow Ball (Mini)
The MoYu Rainbow Ball is a fun puzzle for all skill ranges to enjoy! The mini version has only 8 holes versus 20 on the normal size version making it easier to solve. The objective is to use the opening...
$ 4.99
MoYu Super RS3 M 3x3 Magnetic (Ball-Core)
MoYu Super RS3 M 3x3 Magnetic (Ball-Core) is the long-awaited 2022 update to our best-seller, the RS3 M 2020 speed cube and it is on track to be just as, if not more, popular! Version comparison Standard MagLev Ball-Core MagLev...
$ 19.95
MoYu Robot Display Box
MoYu Robot Display Box is the perfect companion for your speed cube! Overview Arms and legs move up/down "Window" pops on and off to allow for adding/removal of the cube Multiple robots can be stacked on top of one another...
$ 5.95
Z Pen Holder
If you are a cuber or puzzle enthusiast, the Z Pen Holder is an essential item to have on your desk! The Z Pen Holder is not only functional as a sturdy pen holder but can also spin to add...
$ 8.95
QiYi OS Cube 2x2
QiYi OS Cube 2x2 is an intriguing, unique puzzle! Overview Embedded tiles pop up or sink back into the piece depending how the layer is turned The goal is to solve the cube by getting all of the tiles to...
$ 26.95
QiYi Mini 3cm 3x3 Keychain (Standard)
Check out this tiny cube! Measuring at only 3cm in width, the QiYi Mini Keychain cube is the perfect on-the-go puzzle! Despite its small size and pillowed shape, this mini 3x3 rotates very smoothly and is fully functional!
$ 3.95
Monster Go Mirror
Monster Go Mirror is an unmagnetized version of the popular GAN Mirror Magnetic which puts a modern spin on the classic mirror blocks! Key features Corner-cutting Adjustable tension settings Yellow plastic paired with orange metallic color-shifting stickers Overview Solves like a...
$ 11.95
DaYan TengYun Plus 2x2 Magnetic
The DaYan TengYun Plus 2x2 Magnetic includes new upgrades that make the TengYun 2x2 competitive with current releases. Key features Adjustable magnets (3 strengths) Edge/center magnets Effortless and smooth turning feel Overview Magnetic adjustments are fast and easy. Use the...
$ 24.95
QiYi QiDi S2 2x2 (Standard)
The QiYi QiDi S2 2x2 is a refresh of one of the most popular budget 2x2's! The turning out of the box is faster than the previous version.
$ 4.95
Mini Penrose 3x3 Keychain
The Mini Penrose 3x3 Keychain is a beautiful shape-shifting 3x3 shape-mod. The Penrose is unlike anything we have ever seen before and is tons of fun to solve and can be quite tricky since there are only 3 colors for...
$ 3.95
QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx
The QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx is a quick and easy to solve puzzle and was designed by our very own Kevin Uhrik! With an included solution manual, the Coin Tetrahedron can be used to teach basic twisty puzzle-solving skills. With...
$ 5.95
QiYi Corner Mastermorphix
The QiYi Corner Mastermorphix is a relatively easy puzzle to master and is a great entry in the "morphix" category.
$ 6.95

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