CFOP Algorithm Flashcards

CFOP Algorithm Flashcards


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Looking to lower your times? Tired of having to print out sheets of algorithms on bulky printer paper? Our CFOP Algorithm Flashcards are a convenient, efficient way to learn the CFOP speedcubing method.

Tip: Learn PLL -> OLL -> F2L for fastest progression

Why they work

  • Drilling algorithms to develop muscle memory and fast recognition is key
  • Use the back of the cards to learn algorithms and later, drill the algorithms by using the front that only shows the case

Key features

  • Top-rated algorithms based on community ratings
  • Scannable QR code for algorithm variations
  • The front shows the case
  • Back reveals the algorithm
  • Double-sided, full-color print


  • OLL Set: 57 cards
  • PLL + Notation set: 22 cards
  • F2L set: 41 cards
  • Complete set: 120 cards

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