FangShi 2x2 Ghost Cube

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FangShi 2x2 Ghost Cube is a challenging shape mod resembles FangShi's craftsmanship with smooth layer rotations and smooth plastic.  If you are a fan of the ghost cube or are simply looking for a fun challenge, you can't go wrong with the FangShi 2x2 Ghost Cube!


Customer Reviews

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There is a parity when both top and bottom are solved... but never match up!
The cube catches a lot, but it's much harder than a regular 2x2!

Really fun challenge

It's just a 2x2, should be easy right? Nope. If you're used to using CFOP, you're algorithms won't work, unless you're really good at doing them slow or follow a written set of turns. The strange shapes of the pieces really messes up muscle memory. But before you can even think about moving pieces around, you have to figure out which pieces go where. The first two or three pieces are usually just luck for me, and then a bit of trial and error, and maybe an educated guess, using the simplest algorithms to get the job done. Bottom line is if you like solving puzzles fast and don't want to think about them, I wouldn't get this, but if you like figuring out problems then definitely get this. As is mentioned by other reviews some of the caps do catch on each other from time to time, and may pop off, but a bit of glue or poster putty can fix that. My stickers also came mess up, but the awesome guys here at speedcubeshop fixed it for me. Overall, it's a good puzzle that looks really cool.

Great start to harder shape mods

Definitely recommend learning to solve this before the 3x3 ghost cube. Great build, solid cube.

Ahmed N.
Dont buy

This cube lockups like crazy and its design makes it hard to scramble , its an extremely frustrating cube to scramble like megaminx

Andrew S.
One piece pops out and stickers set was messed up

The cube turns fine, sometimes it will lock up but that's about it. One of the pieces occasionally just pops off of it which is annoying during a solve( can obviously be fixed with glue). The sticker sheets for the puzzle that came with it doesn't work for anyface so mine is unstickered.

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