HeShu 18cm 3x3

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HeShu 18cm 3x3 is formerly the World's Largest production cube! It is a very fun novelty item that is also fully functional.


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Justin W.
A fun novelty but the constant snags are a deal breaker

I want to love this cube but this thing snags so much that I never pull it off the shelf other than to let the odd kid play with from time to time. I'd rather solve my worst Rubik's brand 3x3 than this thing. It even somehow manages to be as annoying to solve as the 1cm cube which I expect to be terrible. I'd only rate the turning above my old Rubik's 4/5's, my v-cubes, and some cheap shape Mods.

I'm curious about if the QiYi Warrior Plus is any better but I hesitate with how bad this cube is. It really left me with a bitter taste in my mouth towards oversized cubes. One day I'll get around to modding this thing and hopefully I'll be able to make it remotely decent but as it stands, out of my 100+ puzzles, if I had to pick one regret it'd almost certainly be this cube when taking the price into consideration.

The only redeeming factor and the reason I gave it 2-stars is because sometimes people, mostly young kids, find it neat to see such a big cube.

comically huge !

IT is a very fun cube. I got it for my birthday from a friend and it is pretty decent although corner cutting sucks. I solved it in 1.56 minutes.

Great shelf piece!

This cube is awesome to display as a shelf piece, but if you're actually planning on solving it, the turning is very catchy and inconsistent.

I'll add that it's possible to take the cube apart and sand the pieces down just enough so that it turns smoother, which is what I did.

Not without its issues

Pros: Makes for a great decoration.

Cons: The puzzle is stored in exposed packaging. When I received the puzzle, many of the pieces were already weathered, leading me to assume it sat in a warehouse for quite a few months.

The material is that baby-toy plastic. Very hard, very shiny.

The cube locks on every. single. corner turn. The seem between most of the cubie joints was not filed all the way down, and it catches on every turn. Sand it down if you care to actually use this puzzle, but it's gonna looked all scratched.

Final thoughts: Would I recommend this puzzle? Depends on your intention. It's cute shelf space, but it's fun value is very low with the catching and grimy feel/look on the pieces since you're at the mercy of whatever warehouse you get this from.

A c.

ITS BIG! each piece is the size of a normal 3x3 cube. One problem is that the pieces are uneven, which makes the cube sometimes catch on that, so I sanded down each piece just like J perm did. And it helped1

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