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JPerm Speed Cuber Bundle is the end-all, be-all for any JPerm fan! Take your pick of any JPerm Speed Cube -- built to JPerm's exact specifications to replicate his favorite speed cube and get a mini mat and storage bag included!

Grab a bundle and support the JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time!

We contribute $5 to the JPerm channel for every cube sold.

Why JPerm Loves the MGC 2x2

"Consistent turning is very important to me on 2x2, because just one mistake can cost you a good solve. I like the MGC 2x2 because it is the perfect mix of speed and stability." -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the RS3 M 2020

"The RS3 M 2020 is a great mix of speed and stability, with a very responsive feel. I've found that setting up the cube to be relatively fast makes it much easier to learn and execute new finger tricks!" -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the WeiLong WR M 2021 3x3 MagLev

"The MagLev WR M is a super fast, smooth, and flexible cube; it feels liquid. While not as easy to use for beginners, advanced cubers can take advantage of this cube to achieve faster and more creative turning!" -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the MGC 4x4

"This MGC 4x4 is such a satisfying cube to turn. It's fast but does not overshoot, and all the layers turn amazingly." -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the MGC 5x5

"Effortless turning is the most important quality of a big cube that is set up well. The MGC is the fastest 5x5, yet remains incredibly stable to turn." -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the MGC 6x6

"There is just no other 6x6 that compares to the MGC 6x6. This cube is set up to have fast and light turning, which is crucial for good turning and avoiding fatigue." -JPerm

Why JPerm Loves the MGC 7x7

"The MGC 7x7 turns as fast and effortlessly as the 6x6, which makes solving it so much more fun!" -JPerm


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