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The Master Skewb is a more advanced version of the original Skewb.


Customer Reviews

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M G.
Too stiff to enjoy

Like other reviews have said, the puzzle is interesting, but much to stiff to want to play with.

Fun puzzle but terribly disappointing cube

I was so excited when this cube arrived and then was quickly disappointed that it barely moved at all. But no matter! I immediately ordered some lube, learned how to disassemble the cube, lubricate the mechanism, adjust the tension and put the whole thing back together. But after all that the cube is still...meh. It feels cheap and turns poorly even freshly lubed. The pieces fall out easily and tightening the mechanism only exacerbates the labored turning. It works well enough to solve once but it’s so cumbersome that I have no desire to return to it. I love this puzzle but honestly this might be the only cube I’ve ever truly regretted buying.

Royce V.
Interesting, but stiff puzzle.

This puzzle has a very fun solve too it, it's rather tricky to figure out.

It is rather stiff to turn on any axis, and won't corner cut. You have to be very very careful about alignment to be able to turn it, so algorithms are quite hard to perform.

Overall, I give this puzzle a 3 out of 5 stars because it's solve is very fun, but turning quality is quite lacking.

vigliano a.

this cube was a gift and it happens to be the first cube that's not a 3x3 I ever got. It was really difficult (and funny) to come up with the solution by myself. A real challenge.

Lyrik D.
Cool but prone to popping

This puzzle is basically a rex cube mixed with a skewb and dino cube. All puzzles I know how to solve. That being said It's still a very challenging puzzle to solve and I still can't seem to finish the last few corners at the end of a solve. As for the turning it's pretty good after dropping just a little light lube in it. Just be very careful when turning as it pops quite easily.

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