The Best Free Cubing Resources

The Best Free Cubing Resources

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It has always been SpeedCubeShop’s mission to not only provide great products and VIP service to its customers, but also to foster a cubing community defined by accessible resources to learn and grow as a cuber. That’s why in this article, we’re going to be outlining the best free cubing resources, which we recommend you to check out to expand your knowledge and skill.

What makes a great resource?

We believe that a great resource is one that is both convenient and available to the public. Let’s be honest - cubing involves a lot of components to get started (such as a cube, a timer, algorithm sites/sheets, etc.) Scroll down and check out some of the many out-of-this-world (see what I did there?) sites to use. 


SpeedCubeStats is a resource that pairs the utility of a site that contains a timer, integrated personal best sheet and the world's first fingertrick database with the beauty of a website with a clean interface. Put simply, SpeedCubeStats is a great multi-purpose site that integrates all of the necessary tools to embark on and progress in your cubing journey! We’ve got a lot to unpack, so let’s briefly go through all the features!


The SpeedCubeStats timer has a lot of unique and useful features that make it worth switching to. Such features include the automatic updating of the PB menu once you get a PB on the timer, the ability to upload sessions from other times, and the one-of-a-kind ability to embed a video feed into the timer, for easy video capture through streaming software such as OBS! From the easy adjustment of the design to the statistics page for your solves, SpeedCubeStats is built and designed with every element of the cubing experience in mind. 

World first's fingertrick database

The SpeedCubeStats fingertrick database offers a vast array of fingertrick simulations for F2L, OLL, and PLL algorithms on 3x3. 

The databaseis the first of its kind in the cubing community, enabling users of SpeedCubeStats to learn proper fingertricks for algorithms with ease- gone are the days having to go through the hassle of finding the right video with the right algorithm. 

Personal Best Sheet

Share your personal bests and your selection of mains with your fellow cubers on the unique platform SpeedCubeStats offers! As mentioned before, the SpeedCubeStats timer automatically updates PBs and autosaves to the personal best menu! Certainly one of the best cubing resources available. is a speedcubing tutorial site by Dylan Wang of popular cubing channel J Perm! We love both and J Perm’s YouTube channel (which has amassed a monumental 600,000 subscribers and over 190 million views on YouTube) for its concise and easy-to-understand cubing tutorials and videos. 


SpeedCubeDB is a comprehensive site that features reconstruction videos as well as algorithm subsets for a vast array of puzzles from 2x2 to Square-1! The site makes accessing algorithms, practicing certain methods, and watching reconstruction videos easy. 


CubeDB is a reconstruction tool that is simple and easy to use for your cubing needs. Reconstructions are a great way to reflect on your solve and to understand how it can be improved to further your skills - with CubeDB, you can enjoy a tool that is both tidy and user-friendly. 

SpeedCubeShop Youtube Channel

Hosted by Cameron Brown, SpeedCubeShop founder and CEO, videos are frequently published on the latest and greatest cubing hardware, along with cubing related tips and tricks and cubing stories from Cameron.


Overall, we here at SpeedCubeShop look to make accessibility and equity at the forefront of the cubing community, making it easy for people to get into and continue the fun activity of cubing! This is a selection of some of the best cubing resources include some of the many great resources out there that exemplify our vision of the community.

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