Magnetic Speed Cubes Explained

Magnetic Speed Cubes Explained

Cameron Cameron
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"What is a magnetic speed cube?" is a question that we hear often. We explain the different types of magnetic speed cubes, all of which we offer at

First let's get you familiar with the terminology:

 Non-Magnetic Factory Magnetized Magnetized by us
  • Does not include magnets
  • Magnets are installed during production at the factory
  • The size, strength, and placement is often decided through feedback during the manufacturer's testing process
  • Magnets are installed by our team of experts
  • We pick a size, strength, and placement that we feel will yield the best result for most cubers



Strength scale

 Light Moderate Strong Adjustable
  • Least popular
  • Not very prominent
  • Most popular
  • Very comfortable feel
  • Popular
  • Best for very fast speed cubes
  • Preferred
  • Freedom to change strength as desired



Identifying a magnetic speed cube

  • Product title will either say "Magnetic" or "M" for short
  • Product image will have a magnet icon
  • From the product page, you can view available magnetic configurations under the "Magnets" selection.


At this point, most major speed cube releases are exclusively available as Factory Magnetized which makes the decision to get magnets easy.

  • Magnets increase stability by adding a slight weight increase which in turn promotes a smoother turning feel
  • A dramatic increase in turning accuracy is the reason why most speed cubers love magnets
  • Cost effective - Magnetic speed cubes are typically not much more than the non-magnetic counterpart


Honestly the only disadvantage is the increased cost which as discussed is marginal and well worth it.


If you have the option to pick up a magnetic speed cube, we can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Magnets are especially useful in when solving bigger speed cubes such as a 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 because you can spend less time worrying about aligning every layer perfectly and allow the magnets to do the heavy lifting for you.

Other magnetic puzzles such as square-1, pyraminx and skewb are popular with both recreational and pro speed cubers, also thanks to layers aligning themselves with the magnets.

Magnetic clocks are the pro standard for the clock puzzle, with o-ring magnets to easily align the "pins of the clock"

Magnetize your own speed cube

If you want to learn the art of magnetizing speed cubes, you can purchase a Magnetic Conversion Kit and download our Free Magnetic Conversion Guide.

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