A Magnetic 10x10? 🧲 DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M

A Magnetic 10x10? 🧲 DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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Is that a 10x10? Yes, and it's magnetic - it's the DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M!

DianSheng's release of the Galaxy 8x8 M and Galaxy 9x9 M have made them very well-known for mass-producing magnetic huge cubes with amazing performance. Recently, they released the world's first factory-magnetic 10x10 cube, the DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M.

The DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M features many new innovations to maximize its performance, such as a new triple center design to help with stability, an "x-positioning" anti-pop mechanism, slight concavity in the edges to help with grip, and much more. 

The puzzle comes has two version of internal plastic color: primary and black. Primary (undyed) plastic gives the internals of the cube a soft white color, whereas black plastic creates contrast with the outer faces of the cube, making them stand out more vibrantly.

Similarly to the Galaxy 8x8 and 9x9, the 10x10 has beautiful rainbow-colored magnet capsules that give the cube an extra splash of color.


The DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M weighs 342 grams and is 78.8 mm across, which is a perfect size for a 10x10. The Galaxy series as a whole is more compact and easier to handle than other huge cubes, which makes for much more enjoyable solving.

As mentioned earlier, it comes with either black or primary internals, and it also has a high-gloss plastic exterior.

"It does look like it maybe is a little bit more glazed donut-y."

Cameron Brown

The Galaxy 10 M has a standard screw-spring design which allows you to customize the tightness of the cube. While the cube has good, even tensions right out of the box, you can make it a little bit tighter or looser depending on your preference between speed and stability.


The DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M comes with a cleaning cloth (not pictured), a basic screwdriver, a stand, and a light gray cube bag with the DianSheng logo.


The performance is just like the Galaxy 8x8 and 9x9 - in other words, it's excellent. DianSheng has managed to bring great performance to complex puzzles with many pieces with their Galaxy series, and it's incredible that a 10x10 can have performance this good.

It has a slightly scratchy turning feel throughout all of the layers, which can be muted with light lubrication (don't overdo it!), and it has a fairly medium tone in terms of pitch and loudness.

Despite being as large as it is, the Galaxy 10 M has a very decent turning speed that allows for solves without getting fatigued or exhausted very easily. In addition, light lubricant such as Stardust can be added to the puzzle to make it even faster and more effortless to turn.

In addition, it's very stable and resists popping fairly well.

"It does seem pretty pop-resistant. It seems like it's pretty stable, and it doesn't seem like it flexes out too much."

Jaden (Custom Cubes Team)

The magnet strength is consistent throughout all of the layers, except for the innermost layer being slightly stronger than the rest. However, it's barely noticeable and won't affect solving.

Overall, the DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M has a performance suited for speedsolving - it's fast, stable, and can be practiced with for long periods of time without getting too fatigued.


If you want to get into speedsolving huge NxNs, then the DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 M is a cube you should get. It's factory-magnetic, has amazing performance for a cube of its size, and is definitely built for speedsolving. Even if you're not interested in the speedsolving aspect, the Galaxy 10 M has exceptional build quality and aesthetic appeal that make it great for any collector.

"I think that for 110 dollars, give or take, this is a really solid pickup... the amount of labor that must go into making this is astronomical, so I think it's worth every single penny."

Cameron Brown

DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 Magnetic

DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 Magnetic

$ 109.95

DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 Magnetic is the industry's first factory-magnetized 10x10! Key features Light-strength magnets for accurate and smoother turning Wider outer layers for better grip and stability Exposed magnetic capsules Overview Lightweight, compact design Super smooth turning Black or primary internals… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

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