MoYu AoShi WR M 6x6 Magnetic

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Exterior Coating
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Martian Lubricant

MoYu AoShi WR M 6x6 Magnetic is the result of a focus on a lightweight yet stable design.

Key features
  • 144 factory-installed magnets
  • "Lube storage" piece design
  • Smaller, lightweight design
  • Faster, more stable, anti-pop mechanism
  • Enhanced color scheme
Accessories included
  • Screwdriver

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dan Y.
Very Nice 6x6

I have several 6x6 cubes. This one is the smoothest and fastest of the bunch. Didn't need any lubrication - just spins very nicely.


Got here in allotted time and in very high quality; turns smooth, looks pearlescent, just like in the picture. Smaller than expected, but that is fine!

Fast and Smooth

I don't know how they did this. That many external and internal pieces sliding past each other with so little noticeable friction is a huge feat of design and engineering. I replaced a worn-out MGC with this. The MGC was itself leaps and bounds above the competition for years, but it's in the rear view now. The price is higher but fair. The only real negative I've noticed is that I've had a few center caps fall off seemingly at random, and I have to look for where they went. So for now I only solve at a desk/table with a bottle of glue next to me for making sure any given center cap only falls off once.

Ethan C.
Loose Magnets Galore

I had a lot of hope for this cube to beat out the MGC as my new main due to all of the positive reviews it’s gotten. The turning is better, but it’s impossible to enjoy solving on it when every outer layer turn has a click, and some inner layers as well. I’m really disappointed with the lack of quality control for what’s supposed to be a premium 6x6, but with so many loose magnets around the cube, it’s hard to believe mine came like this by chance.

Great puzzle but a little fragile

This cube is very fun. It turns very fast, but it's a little disappointing that center piece caps will randomly pop out, especially at this price.
I had one fall out fresh out of the box, and it took some time to find it in my carpet. I've since had center piece caps pop off randomly while solving it at least 3 or 4 times. If you're going to transport it, be sure to put it in its original box or a sealed bag so that you do not lose pieces! Not safe for backpacks or duffel bags.
Also worth noting that the "no coating" option is a lot rougher than I expected at this price point. If I had seen it in person, I would have probably opted for the PVC coating, which I assume is standard on other MoYu cubes like the excellent 4x4 WRM.

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