STARDUST Launch! New Speed Cube Lubricant

STARDUST Launch! New Speed Cube Lubricant

Ari Ari
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STARDUST Launch! New Speed Cube Lubricant

Star Dust Lubricant

We are proud to announce the launch our latest and greatest speed cube lubricant, STARDUST!

Stardust is a unique water-based lubricant that is designed to take your cube to its limits without changing its natural “feel”!

Most water-based lubricants suffer from drying out quickly and leaving a "chalky" mess all over your cube's internals which requires you to regularly clean out your cube (no thanks!).

What makes Stardust truly special is that as it dries, it "hardens" which contributes to the long-lasting feel that Stardust offers over other water-based lubricants.

With a speed rating of 10, this lube will speed up any and every puzzle! Combine it with lunar for a more long lasting feel.


Available in 5ML, 10ML and 15ML sizes, be sure to pick up this great new lubricant today!

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply Stardust and how much should I use?

A: We recommend 6 drops for most cases. Follow this guide to learn how to apply Stardust.

Q: Does Stardust mix with other lubricants?

A: Yes! Stardust can be used with any of our other lubricants. Combine Stardust with Lunar for an even longer-lasting, super-fast experience!

Q: Can I remove Stardust after it hardens?

A: Yes. When cleaning your cube, use a damp paper towel with warm water.

Q: How long does Stardust last?

A: Stardust has proven to outlast comparable water-based lubricants but the "lifespan" will vary depending on the application, use, and storage.

Initial Reviews

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