Premium Speed Cubes

Premium Speed Cubes

Cameron Cameron
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A common question is what are the differences between our custom setup cubes. We explained the difference between our three premium speed cube versions, Supernova, Cosmic and UniCube.


Premium Puzzle Comparison
  • Fast & Light Turning
  • Lubricant of Pieces & Springs
  • Neutral Tension Settings
  • Smooth and Controllable Turning
  • Full Lubrication of Pieces, Core & Springs
  • Neutral Tension Settings
  • Extended Warrant (worth $9.95, included free)
  • Cosmic Cube Bag (worth $2.95, included free)
  • Built to Your Preference
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • Neutral Tension Setting with Core Lube Addon


Fixing uneven tensions is easily one of the most frustrating parts of setting up your own cube.

Often we find that DIY'ers have a hard time finding the "perfect" setting and tend to set the tension either way too tight which hinders turning and corner-cutting or too loose which creates an unstable feel.

We use our 10+ years of experience to find an even, neutral setting that will allow maximum corner-cutting and turning speed while remaining stable.


Something that seems simple enough can quickly turn into a messy nightmare, believe me!

Picking the optimal lubricants based on the characteristics of your cube and your desired turning feel is only half the battle.

Deciding where and how much lubricant to apply requires a lot of trial and error. Too much lubricant and you have a gunky, leaky mess - too little and you leave a lot of added performance and friction reduction on the table.

We use a selection of our cosmic lubricants to attain specific results for our premium speed cubes, such as reducing spring noise, making a puzzle more controllable, and creating a unique feel that enhances both the turning enjoyability and performance of the puzzle.

Factory Version

  • May or may not be pre-lubricated.
  • If lubricant is applied at the factory, it is usually a cheap, greasy oil that will leak and will not last.
  • Tensions are usually uneven and set too loose which reduces stability and increases the chance of "popping".

Cosmic Version

  • Smooth & controllable turning
  • Speed cube is completely dis-assembled and inspected for defects
  • Hardware and core are thoroughly lubricated to dampen spring noise and improve turning
  • Pieces are completely lubricated with emphasis on high-friction areas
  • Includes extended 6-month warranty ($9.95 value)
  • Includes Cosmic branded cube bag ($2.95 value) which keeps your cube clean and protected
  • PVC coating available

Some of our most popular Cosmic puzzles include

UniCube Version

  • Perfect for those who know what setup they like but want to leave it to the pros
  • Ability to pick up to 2 core lubricants, 3 piece lubricants, PVC coating, custom stickers, logo sticker, extended warranty, and accessories

Some of our popular UniCube options include

Supernova Version

  • Fast & light turning
  • Springs are lubricated to dampen spring noise
  • Pieces are lubricated to improve turning feel
  • Extended warranty and accessories available
  • PVC coating available 

A selection of our popular Supernova puzzles include

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