MoreTry TianMa X3 Series Debut | SpeedCubeShop

MoreTry TianMa X3 Series Debut | SpeedCubeShop

Arik (CardinalCuber) Arik (CardinalCuber)
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Another new speed cube manufacturer! Here is our first look at the MoreTry TianMa X3, a new series of 3x3 speed cubes that come in 4 variants, providing a new turning feel the usual fixings of a 2022 speed cube. Let's go over what features the puzzles have.


Right off the bat, the MoreTry are offering their new flagship 3x3 in four different variants, being standard, enhanced, "half magnetic" and "full MagLev". At time of writing, MoreTry are yet to release any English material detailing the exact differences and the features that the variants have.

For the sake of simplicity in this post, we'll be skipping over the standard version.


The packaging for full MagLev is rather extravagant, including a pamphlet, screwdriver to adjust tensions, a 3x3 tutorial guide and anti-fog lens wipes of all things.

The boxes smell the most like an apple product out of any other cube. Carlos and I are both Apple connoisseurs, him a little bit more than me, but this definetely has the most Apple-esque smell

Cameron Brown 2022

The enhanced version includes the same accessories as the MagLev, but with a more standard box style than the symmetrical opening that the MagLev box features.

Mechanism & Turning

Between the versions, there are not many differences between the puzzle visually asides from the color of the adjustment tool system underneath the center cap, where the full maglev version is green and the enhanced is purple.

At base settings, the MagLev cube is ridiculously fast, doing full 360 degree U turns despite not being lubricated. The turning is pretty buttery and the corner cutting is solid, although on stock settings slightly past 45 degree you hit a "brick wall" where it refuses to corner cut. 

The magnet strength of the puzzles sent to us are very strong, with magnets uniquely placed on the corner feet on the enhanced version - omitted on the standard version.