We offer refunds to the original payment method for products within 30 days of the order being fulfilled. After 30 days, a refund in the form of a gift card or an exchange is available until 90 days after fulfillment.

For more information regarding returns, refer to our Return Policy.

Returned Packages

Packages that are returned to sender due are eligible for a refund to the original method of payment equal to the product value, not inclusive of the original shipping cost. If a package is returned to sender for matters outside of the customer's control (border closures, postage, damaged label), a full refund to the original method of payment is available.


Refunds are available in full for unfulfilled items. Exclusions and restocking fees may apply for limited edition or made-to-order items.

Processing Time

Refunds to the original method of payment can up to 7 business days to be processed by the card issuer/bank. There is nothing that we (SpeedCubeShop) can do to speed up this process after the refund has been issued.

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