GAN 12 UI Free Play 3x3 UV Coated Bluetooth Smart Cube (Standard Charger)

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$ 119.95
Plastic Color :
Stickerless (Bright)
Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
Damage Protection No
Add Ons None
Martian Lubricant

GAN 12 UI Free Play 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube (Standard Charger) is the first smart cube that utilizes a flagship speed cube design which results in spectacular performance!

Standard Charger
  • Requires Type-C USB cable (included) to charge
  • Does NOT store a charge like the PowerPod does
UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
Key features
  • Enhanced core positioning auto-aligning technology
  • 64 factory-installed magnets
  • 8 corner magnet settings
  • Numerical GTN tensioning system (3 settings)
  • Honeycomb piece design for better lubricant distribution
  • Gyroscope technology allows movement tracking
Overview Accessories included
  • Charging base
  • Type-C USB cable
  • Storage bag ($2.95 value)
  • Adjustment tool

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