GAN Halo Bluetooth Timer (Smart)

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GAN Halo Bluetooth Timer (Smart) is the most advanced speedcubing timer to date!

Version comparison
  Smart Standard
Halo Light System 90 sets of lighting effects + Customized lighting effects 90 sets of lighting effects
Offline Results Storage 10,000 solves 5 solves
Average of 5 Auto-Calculating
Accidental stop protection
Connect to Display
Connect to App 🚫
Cloud Storage 🚫
Battery Life ~ 42 hours ~ 32 hours
Weight ~ 132g ~ 131g


Key features
  • CubeStation Mobile App connectivity
    • Analyze solve data and start customized training 
    • Import offline results
  • Customizable lighting effects (90 configurations)
  • Single/Dual rechargeable battery
    • Lasts about 42 hours
  • 2.5mm auxiliary output
  • Durable, "non-sticky" buttons
  • Stores up to 10,000 results
    • Supports online or offline solving
  • Automatically calculates a rolling average of five
  • "Freezes" all buttons for 2 seconds after the timer is stopped
    • Prevents accidental erasure of times
Accessories included
  • USB charging cable

Mobile App Download for iOS (click) or Android (click)


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