JPerm WeiLong WR M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev)

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$ 49.99
Damage Protection No
Exterior Coating
Add Ons None
JPerm Cube Bag
Galaxy Lubricant
Lunar Lubricant

Love JPerm? Now you can get a replica of his main speed cube, the JPerm WeiLong WR M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev), and support the JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time!

Set up to JPerm's specifications, we use Galaxy and Lunar lubricant to slighly reduce the turning speed to allow for a more fluid, controllable turning feel.

We contribute $5 to the JPerm channel for every cube sold.

Why does JPerm love this cube?

"The MagLev WR M is a super fast, smooth, and flexible cube; it feels liquid. While not as easy to use for beginners, advanced cubers can take advantage of this cube to achieve faster and more creative turning!" -JPerm

    • Core springs are replaced with two magnets on each side
    • This increases turning speed
    • Layers "glide" more easily
    Key features
    • Exclusive JPerm branding
    • Purple internals
    • MagLev repulsion system (no springs)
    • Adjustable magnet strength (5 settings)
    • Dual-adjustment core
    • Compact 55mm size
    • Light, fast turning
    • 9 core settings
    Accessories included
    • Display box
    • Magnet adjustment tool
    • Screwdriver
    • Spare parts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Michael B.
    Weilong WR M 2021 magnetic maglev

    This cube is #1 istg. I bought it thinking I just wanted a cube like JPerm's since his algorithms seemed so smooth and quick and I also bought this cube because of the dark interior. Before I bought this cube I averaged around 26 seconds and after it arrived my average went down to 18 seconds. part of that is practice but a lot of it is just because this cube is absolutely godly. I strongly suggest people buy this cube.

    One day I was making soup at 10:00 pm because I hadn't eaten all day. The soup was in the microwave for 6 minutes before I took it out and the container flexed enough for the soup to fall out of my hands and spill all over the counter and myself. My hands suffered severe burns and I couldn't cube for 2 days. but the soup got on the WR M 2021 and I thought it was ruined. I rinsed off the cube and set it on the counter so I could run cold water on my hand so it didn't get too bad and I thought the cube would turn like the original Rubik's Cube. NO! I dried it off and the thing was fast as lightning. it felt brand new!1! This cube has gone through so much yet it stands before me, right in front of my eyes as I write this. and the sticker stays on even if it's covered with hot soup for over a minute.

    You can still see the burn on my left index finger in the video below but here's a quick 7:27 solve


    my new fav cube, purple internals look sick and super quiet when turning, i love worms! 😊

    Oliver M.
    Great cube

    Great cube, can be setup and controllable even faster is still very quick out of the box, love using it, before I had a gan xs, will not be going back to gan in the near future, this cube improved my average from 25 seconds down to 20 seconds once I got used to the speed difference

    Omar K.
    Broke all my pbs

    I broke all of my pbs in a few days
    Highly recommend if your a jperm fan

    My favorite cube

    It might be pricy, but it performs SO WELL. I had to change my turning style a little bit to a slightly lighter turning force, like Jperm said in his review, but after i got used to it it was awesome! I like it as much if not more than my Gan 11 M Pro. I was able to improve my AO5 from 25 to 18 in just a week or 2 of using it. I'd say if you have the money, get it!

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