MoFang JiaoShi Maple Leaf Skewb

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The MoFang JiaoShi Maple Leaf Skewb is a unqiue skewb shape mod. The Maple Leaf Skewb makes the skewb puzzle even harder by allowing for the centers to be scrambled up similar to a curvy copter puzzle. This puzzle is a fun solve for skewbers or for those looking to get into twisty puzzles!

Size: 57mm  | Weight: 3.2oz  | Released: 10/9/19


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Feels like it's going to pop with every turn

The best way I can describe this cube's turning is "crunchy", and not in a good way. Almost every turn I make it feels like the cube is either going to pop or just crumble in my hands. The inner mixup pieces have to be very aligned before you swap them around, or it'll lock up. I've seen a video online of someone else turning this skewb and I thought it wasn't this bad.

Charles M.A.
fun to solve

very fun and challenging to solve but I'm scared the pieces will pop

good cube

The cube is a fun thing you can learn how to solve but the cube is kind of hard to turn and the edges and corners can pop out pretty easily

Dillon F.
Good cube

The "maple leaf" part of the cube adds more depth to the cube in an interesting and way but the turning is a little annoying and I get corner pops.

alex s.
Good idea but...

The cube doesn't moves smoothly, but it's funny and difficult to solve

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