MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 10x10

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The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 10x10 is a ground-breaking release! The MeiLong series continues to make higher order cubes available at a substantially lower price point without jeopardizing quality. The MeiLong 10x10 turns very smoothly and is a comfortable 90mm in size.


Customer Reviews

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Dan Y.
Spins Nicely for a large cube

This cube spins very nicely out of the box for such a large cube. I have another 10x10 which doesn't spin as nicely, but the other cube with rounded corners is smaller and easier on my hands when I solve it. I would give this cube 5 stars, but I subtracted a star just based on how big it is in my hands. My hands get tired when I spin it for the +/- one hour solve. It turns nicely out of the box. I used Lunar Lube and that made it even smoother.

Great quality

I ordered this cube for my son. I was afraid it will be hard to turn, because it is so big, but he had no problems with it. He can solve it, and he can make little patterns too. Great product!


It kept my son occupied for a while. Challenging, good quality, thank you SpeedCubeShop!

Incredible size, price, and quality

The cube is incredible. It's very compact, for a 10x10, and all the layers turn very very well. Overall is worth the price. The one thing you have to worry about is sometimes the pieces can pop if you turn it to fast, but overall if you're gentle with it, it'll be fine.

Amazing For the Size

Was not expecting such a compact sized 10x10 that’s able to corner cut without popping. It turns exceptionally smoothly and quietly. Phenomenal cube! Worth the money!

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