Monster Go EDU 3x3 Magnetic

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Martian Lubricant

Monster Go EDU 3x3 Magnetic by GAN Cube is an updated version of the previous flagship and is here for the sole purpose of being the best bang for your buck.

  • Insanely fast turning
  • Smooth, "wet" turning feel
  • Stable feel
Key features
  • Honeycomb internal piece design for even lubricant distribution
  • Moderate strength factory-installed magnets

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I love this cube

It's great for beginners it's smooth (to me) but it's corner cutting is not great and its used from my brother so don't 100% trust me.

Jesse c.

Great beginners cube, very fast, but not great corner cutting, medium-strong magnets, would recommend this to a begginer. Although not a pro who needs A gan, moyu, etc

Jonathan O.
Very good!

It's very fast, but it is something that you just have to get used to. Once you are used to it, there is no stopping you. I literally go a pb of 30 seconds when my original pb was 34 seconds just on my second solve. Would recommend if your cube isn't fast enough

Very Fast

This cube is an extremely fast and kind of blocky cube. It comes factory lubed by Gan, which makes it feel even faster. It feels nice, but a bit uncontrollable.

Too Fast & Slippery for Me

When they said Monster "Go", they meant it, because this things goes, and goes, and goes...very quickly? I can do a U4 with the same amount of force I need to do a U2 on other cubes (this is after putting a ton of Weight 5 in there). The magnets are on the weak side and, due to the lack of adjustments, if I crank down the screws to try and tame the speed, the corner cutting suffers. Conversely, the corner cutting isn't that great on this cube and, if I adjust the tensions to get decent corner cutting, the cube feels unstable and uncontrollable.

The finish feels softer than MoYu's and is very nice to touch but gets very slippery very quickly.

At this price, I would recommend the MoYu RS3M 2020, unless you like really (and I mean really) fast cubes.

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