MoYu Cube Solving Robot

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MoYu Cube Solving Robot is the perfect practice companion that will scramble and/or solve your cube for you! Impress your friends and family with the MoYu Robot's fast-solving skills or allow it to scramble your cube while you focus on breaking PBs!

Key features
  • Infinity loop: Robot will continuously scramble and solve your cube
  • Mobile app not needed
  • Works with non-smart MoYu smart cubes
Compatible 3x3 cubes Included accessories
  • Robot-compatible center caps
  • Type-C power cable
  • Specialized 3x3 cube

Customer Reviews

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Alan C.
No app required! Scrambles and solves supported Moyu cubes/non-smartcubes

- Product: MoYu Cube Solving Robot.
- Smartphone app: No app required! Push physical buttons to scramble or solve.
- Supported cubes: Scrambles and solves supported Moyu cubes, both non-smartcubes and smartcubes. Supported means that they included corresponding replacement center caps in the box. However, in my experience, the included RS3 M 2020 center caps are shallow and tend to pop out while manually solving (vs. the original center caps that are deep and secure), and that lowers my rating (I don't want to switch back to the original center caps before solving). I haven't tried other Moyu cubes yet.
- Compared with the GAN Robot v2, it has a lower build quality, but at least you don't need a smartcube or proprietary smartphone app for basic scramble and solve commands. In fact, there is no app and that elevates my rating.

i dont have it but it’s probably good

thumbs up


Love it

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