Original Rubik's Cube 3x3

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Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
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Lunar Lubricant

This is the Original Genuine Rubik's Brand Cube 3x3 by Hasbro Gaming featuring black plastic with embedded colored tiles.

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Customer Reviews

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no n.
you know

Its rubicks brand its for playing with and dropping, not solving fast

Cheyne O.
At least you can't choke on it.

My mom got me this "real Rubiks cube" for Christmas and I learned how to solve it, and I thought it was great. Or at least, that it was good enough.

I had no idea just how bad it was at that time. The stickers can't peel off because there aren't any, which sounds good except that the drab colors are dull and offer low contrast which makes them difficult to tell apart under low light. There are no pieces to lose because you can't take it apart or adjust it at all. The cube feels heavy and the turning is slow. Because it features no corner-cutting, or magnets, or springs, or really *any customization at all*, this puzzle stopped being my main as soon as I got a second 3x3. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

I would only recommend this cube for someone who has concerns about small parts, since this cube is solid and can not come apart. However, if you're not going to put the pieces in your mouth, you will be much happier with a Chinese brand instead, like MoYu or DaYan.


Not terrible unless speedsolving. I thought this was SPEEDCUBEshop though lol.

Ok first cube

I suck at not having rubik's cubes break upon use, so I can say that Rubik's brand can fit the bill, but it really is just okay. Its corner cutting is bad but possible, no magnets and quite expensive, but it never pops. Some lubricant can make this a four star for sure, but it's just not the best

Good, but not for speedsolving

We all know that the originals are bad at speedcubing, but it is VERY useful for other things such as challenges, collections, etc.
Overall bad for speedcubers, but it has SOME uses, I guess..

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