QiYi AI 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube (Standard)

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$ 22.95
Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Add Ons None
Stardust Lubricant
Martian Lubricant

QiYi AI 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is currently the most cost-effective way to improve your speedcubing skills!

App features
  • Real-time feedback for each solve
  • AI training for learning how to solve the cube or improve your times
  • Individual practice mode
  • Global 1x1 'battle' mode
  • Room competition mode
Key features
  • 7 spring compression settings (no tool needed)
  • 48 factory-installed magnets
  • Chargeless battery lasts for 800 hours (2 years of daily one-hour solving sessions)
  • Smooth, effortless turning feel
Accessories included
  • Second set of springs for a different feel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ivan J.
Super good

I tried it and you can connect the cube using smart-player. It is a app that you can you this cube to race other people and it show how much battles you did, wins, and your win-percentage.

Justin W.
Feels identical to my RS3 2020 but the app needs some work

This is my second smartcube after the GAN i Carry. Out of the box the feel of this cube is significantly better than the i Carry and feels nearly indistinguishable from my RS3 stickerless which has upgraded magnets and lunar lube. From tensions to corner cuts and magnet strength I can't really feel significant a difference between the two cubes.

The app on the other hand is a work in progress. The first pop-up window is entirely in Chinese and I'm not sure what I selected. I just picked the option on the right and it got me to the language selection window. It is still pretty barebones and doesn't do nearly as much as the GAN app to help beginners which to me is the most important feature in a smart cube. This is why I only gave it 4-stars. If the app gets fleshed out a little more and gets some of the bugs under control I will give it the 5-stars this cube deserves. Cubeast support would be the cherry on top to turn this cube into a must-buy.

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