Rubik's Connected Bluetooth 3x3

Rubik's Connected Bluetooth 3x3

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Highly recommended! Lubrication of pieces & springs. Tensions set to reduce popping and improve stability.
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The Rubik's Connected Bluetooth 3x3 is the result of a partnership with the official Rubik's Brand company and smartcube pioneer, GoCube.

While the exterior may appear to resemble an original Rubik's Cube, the mechanism features factory-installed magnets and amazing turning.

The free mobile app allows you to not only track your times by automatically starting/stopping the timer when the cube is scrambled/solved but provides useful data such as move count and turns per second.

The app is a great tool for any level speedcuber as it allows you to access algorithms, race other cubers around the world, play mini games, and compete in official online competitions!

This product is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty through GoCube.

The stickers that come with this puzzle are known to peel quickly so we recommend adding a custom sticker set (click here).

Download the app:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

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