ShengShou Big (7cm) Legend 3x3

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The ShengShou Big Legend 3x3 offers shockingly good performance for such a large puzzle. The layer rotations are very smooth and fast accompanied by good corner-cutting. The overall cube feels fantastic and is great for collection and solving!

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Vanessa M.
Great buy

My daughter loves her new puzzle


So, I bought this puzzle at a competition I was at yesterday (mainly because I saw lots of other people buying them) and I was amazed at the quality of the puzzle! Usually, Shengshou has pretty good quality, but this one puts all of the other Shengshou products to shame.

Best feet cube in market

Yes, this is THE BEST cube for 3FEET!

A fun puzzle - but the Qiyi Big Sail 68mm is better.

I love big cubes and big puzzles. I just think they're cool. My all-time favorite puzzle is the Qiyi Big Sail 68mm 3x3. It's just a ton of fun to solve. I had similar high hopes for the Shengshou Big Legend. Unfortunately, it's just not as good. Where the Big Sail defies expectations by being a great performer despite its size, the Big Legend fits exactly what you'd expected - mediocre performance, mediocre construction, and just not that great. This is not a terrible puzzle by any means but if you're spending the money to get a cube in this size range, there's no reason to pick the Big Legend over the Big Sail. Get the Qiyi instead.

Very good for feet solving

The shengshou legend is a really good puzzle since it is still a budget cube despite the size and with that said it is just a regular legend and sail but the upper hand with the size is that it is very good for 3x3 with feet which is why I would recommend this cube to any feet solver and some moves like the D moves are annoying if you don't have a good peforming cube.You may think that it isn't comp legal but it is since there are covers that can cover 7x7 aofu and aofu gts which is why it is comp legal but if you would never do feet then I can recommend it as a collectors item since it looks really cool in your collection but I can also recommend this to those who feel that their 3x3 is way to small and since this is made for feeler you will only need to tension it to your liking and choose which you budget cube you preferred so that you can decide which you would like better.thanks for reading and hopefully this was helpful to some people

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