ShengShou Dino Cube

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The ShengShou Dino Cube is a puzzle known around the world for being very fun! ShengShou's refresh of this puzzle is a great improvement featuring brighter stickers and smoother, more stable rotations.

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Customer Reviews

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mid cube

the cube is fun but it is really catchy and a little annoying to correct, it is a very fun cube tho and i would recommend this to a beginner that wants to try a non-wca cube

Maybe just get a redi cube

This cube is just a redi cube without the corners. It's hard to turn sometimes and catches while you try to hold it. Kinda acts like a non-magnetic skewb where. The plastic feels a bit chalky. The turning is ok and doesn't cost too much. The only other thing this cube is good for is that you can switch opposite colors and mess up the color scheme which is pretty cool. Just get a Redi cube if you can afford it.

Owen F.
Great puzzle

This puzzle is pretty easy, I could solve it without looking for a solution online. Overall this puzzle is just simply fun to solve.

really cool

due to its design pieces have to be aligned to turn but it is really fun and easy to solve.

Ty M.
Pretty trash

Instead of stickers it has sharp flimsy plastic that is semi attached, and it is uncomfortable to hold and turn. It's still solvable, but it just kinda sucks.

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