YuXin 8 Petals Cube M

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The YuXin 8 Petals Cube M is a factory magnetized shape mod puzzle that turns using the corners! Designed with inspiration from other popular shape mods, the 8 Petals Cube is sure to be a lot of fun and is great for those looking to get into twisty puzzles. It is also worth mentioning that the turning of this puzzle is very satisfying along with the addition of magnets!

Customer Reviews

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Satisfying Puzzle

This is one of my favorite puzzles. Turns very satisfyingly with lube, and can be solved intuitively. Fairly Easy, relaxing solve, and nice colors.

Gavin Z.
Good, but when set up

The cube is really dry and stiff when out of the box, however if it's set up with lubricant and loosened it turned extremely well. (Also sounds satisfying too lol)

The way to loosen it is to take off all center caps, and the center of where all the caps meet, the **** is in there. Please don't try to take the whole cube apart and reassemble it, I tried and it ended up being horrible as the end result and had to get a new one.

Amazing puzzle!

This is basically a redi cube shape mod, so solving this intuitively can be fun. The turning is awesome, and the rounded pieces result in no catches whatsoever. Overall, get this if you are a puzzle enthusiast. This cube is awesome.

Fisher P.
Great with setup

It came really tight but once you loosen the tension and add some lube it become perfect and fast.

David N.
Great but magnets got dislocated

I dropped it lightly and all the magnets got dislocated and I lost some magnets, other than that great cube

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