YuXin Teraminx

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YuXin Teraminx is a challenging 7x7 dodecahedron with a modern, easier to uses design!

Key features
  • "Dimples" on pieces for improved grip
  • Concave design

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Inconsistent coloring

As the other review states, this cube turns pretty fine. If you're like me, however, you care a bit about some of the aesthetic properties of the cubes, such as if the color of a face is uniform. I bought three YuXin cubes (Mega-, Giga-, and Teraminx) and every single one of them has some kind of colorant mismatch in it. If this matters to you, then you may want to look for another brand. Otherwise, you might like this product.

Turns great (for a teraminx)

I'm giving this five stars in the view of a teraminx, not an ordinary puzzle.

Turning: Outer turns are great and very smooth. It turns better than a well-work Rubik's cube. A little less smooth than a well-worn V-Cube 3. Two- and three-layer wide turns are also pretty good. You're moving a lot more pieces, so there is some more inertia, but it feels good. Locking is common. I don't think that can be avoided for these larger puzzles. Can it do slices? No way!

Feels: Great. No stickers are the major selling point here. The pieces feel good have a nice a grip to them. The perfect blend of rough and smooth.

Would I recommend this puzzle? If you want a teraminx, then this is the one to get.

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