2x2 Speed Cubes | Everything you need to know

2x2 Speed Cubes | Everything you need to know

Cameron Cameron
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2x2 speed cubes are a ton of fun for newbies and veteran cubers alike. While it isn't quite as easy as it looks, if you look at it as a 3x3 cube without edges, you are able to use a 3x3 solution to get this done with relative ease!

Common Problems

A day doesn't go by that we do not see someone having a problem with a 2x2 mechanism either breaking or "popping" which is a shame as this is easily avoidable -- hence the purpose of this article!

The problems we will be focusing on are:

  • Corner twists & breaks (how to avoid and fix)
  • Popping
  • Assembly tips
  • General mechanism overview

Corner Twists, Breaks, & "Pops"


  • Tension settings are too loose
  • Inaccurate turning
  • Lack of lubrication


  • Tension your 2x2 so that it is as tight as possible while still being able to corner cut about 3/4 of a piece with minimal effort.
  • Lubricate your 2x2 to reduce friction and allow the pieces to glide. We usually recommend Martian or Galaxy lubricant for most 2x2's.
  • If a corner piece does "pop" out, make sure to loosen the tension BEFORE you carefully re-insert the corner piece.

Assembly Tips

  • VIDEO: How to fix a 2x2 Pop
  • NEVER force a piece. If a piece does not want to go back in with ease, loosen the tension first and then try again.
  • Make sure that the locking corner mechanism is in place. The concept is the same from 2x2 to 2x2 but vary slightly in appearance.

Lubricating & Tensioning your 2x2

Knowing how to properly tension your 2x2 and deciding which lubricants to use, how much to apply, and where to apply it can be daunting for many. Fun fact, even some of the best cubers in the world like Feliks Zemdegs, rarely set up their own cubes and rely on services like ours.

If you want to give it a shot, read this to learn about different lubricants and when/where to apply them.

Don't want to deal with it?

We don't blame you. If that's the case, we always recommend adding our professional setup service add-on to your speed cubes. This is offered on the product page for supported puzzles and will ensure that when your 2x2 arrives it is tensioned, lubricated, tested, and ready to be solved!

Want to go all-in? Check out some of our Premium Setup Services.

General Mechanism Overview

A 2x2 is just a 3x3 cube when it comes to mechanism more or less. A 2x2 is assembled with a core & centerpieces, edge pieces, and corners.

The difference is that the edge pieces are covered by the corners and are not seen.

It is important to understand this when re-assembling your 2x2.

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