Pro Setup service  -- Why it's worth it

Pro Setup service -- Why it's worth it

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How to purchase

You will see a Pro Setup service add-on on the product page for items that are eligible for this service.

What is included?

Lubrication of the pieces & springs. Tensions are set to reduce popping and improve stability.

Fun fact: The Pro Setup service is the same service that we apply to our Premium Supernova speed cubes! Just without the ability to add other customizations.

Why it's recommended

Unless you are proficient in setting tensions and applying lubricant to your speed cube, we find that most of our customers prefer to leave it to the pro's and avoid the headache.

Avoid premature wear/tear

Factory lubricant is typically a very cheap, generic oil which is greasy and will wear out after a few dozen solves.

Once this happens, you are now creating more friction by not having a layer of lubricant between the pieces.

This friction will contribute to premature wear of the pieces and you will also have to clean out your cube more often to clear out the plastic shavings that will accumulate.

Our premium speed cube lubricants are intended for plastics, will greatly reduce friction, and are longer-lasting.

Improve control and avoid "popping"

Popping is when a piece or pieces "pop" out of your speed cube without breaking. This is triggered by loose or uneven tension settings or aggressive turning while the layers are not sufficiently aligned.

Out of the factory, the screws are pressed into the core which means that they are set by force, not by feel. This means that out of the box, tensions are often uneven or too tight/loose.

We set the tensions to "neutral" which we find is what the majority of our customers prefer. This setting helps you get the most out of your speed cube's corner-cutting while still being tight enough to help avoid pops.

Note that proper tensioning does not mean that popping is impossible -- it just greatly reduces the chances of it happening. Big cubes (4x4+) are more at risk for popping due to a more complex mechanism consisting of many small pieces.

Quality control

While we are servicing your speed cube, we will test for common factory defects that may not have been caught otherwise since we ship factory-sealed products.

While defective products are rare, it is a great piece of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about that.

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