YuXin releases their new Little Magic Lineup

YuXin releases their new Little Magic Lineup

Ari Ari
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After years of waiting, YuXin have released their long-awaited YuXin Little Magic 3x3 V2, a magnetic budget speed cube that feature's their very own version of a spring adjustment system. The

The puzzle features more vibrant stickerless plastic shades in comparison to the original YuXin Little Magic (non-magnetic), similar to that of the re-release of the original as a magnetic version in July of 2020.

Alongside the 3x3, YuXin have also updated their Little Magic 2x2 and Megaminxes, that of similar designs to their predecessors but with updated plastic shades, and minute changes to improve performance and in-hand feel. The Little Magic 2x2 V2 M features black internals as opposed to the standard split-piece design that is seen on the original Little Magic 2x2, similar to that of GAN puzzles which makes it look quite visibly appealing. 

As of late October 2021, the puzzles are estimated to ship between Nov 1 and Nov 14, at a price of $9.95, rivaling the renowned MoYu RS3 M 2020. 

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