GAN 13 MagLev Overview | The Ultimate Speed Cube

GAN 13 MagLev Overview | The Ultimate Speed Cube

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The GAN 13 MagLev is GAN's newest, most expensive flagship 3x3. Here is a look at the details of a GAN flagship fit with some of the newest innovations in cubing hardware.


The GAN 13 comes in a blueish-purple box with an orange highlight in the corner.

The box is held together with magnets, and it unfolds to reveal an accessories box, a GAN 13 card, and the cube itself. The inside of the box is decorated with an exploded view of the GAN 13 design, illustrating some of the new features of the cube.


Inside of the black accessories box are a dark blue GAN bag, instruction booklets, and another card. 

The white cube case is secured shut using magnets, ensuring that the cube doesn't accidentally fall out and get damaged. 

The cube box also contains the adjustment tool, which is used to customize the cube's MagLev compression, center travel distance, and magnet strength.


The GAN 13 comes in a frosted version and a UV coated version, which are currently $77.95 and $83.95 respectively. Both cubes are 56 millimeters across and weigh 71 grams, which is slightly heavier than the GAN 12. As of now, there's only a stickerless version available.

GAN has plans to release an FX version of the cube in the future, which doesn't have adjustable magnets. This makes the cube a little bit lighter at only 65 grams.


Out of the box, the GAN 13 is hard to recommend. It's extremely fast and hard to control, and its corner cutting takes a lot of force. However, a good setup of the cube will easily fix both of these issues.

This cube is REALLY fast out of the box... this is not something that I would definitely recommend to someone who's not used to setting up their own cubes.

Jaden (Custom Cubes Team)


Under each center cap is GAN's new mechanism for adjusting the core. The top disk is used to customize center travel distance, which affects corner cutting and risk of popping. It can be adjusted by inserting the included tool into one of the grooves and lightly turning it clockwise. 1 is the strongest setting, and 6 is the weakest.

The MagLev compression of the GAN 13 can be adjusted using the lower gear in the core. Insert the tool in between the teeth of the gear and gently turn clockwise until it clicks into place. 6 is the strongest setting, and 1 is the weakest.

Out of the box, both the center travel distance and MagLev compression are set to 3.

The GAN 13's corner-core magnet strength is adjusted by pushing the wheel in the corners forward using the adjustment tool. There are 6 options, with 6 being the strongest and 1 being the weakest.

The GAN 13 also introduces edge-core repelling magnets, which push the layers away from misalignment and add to the smoothness of the cube's turning. These aren't adjustable but they're still worth mentioning.


Although lacking in performance out of the box, the GAN 13 MagLev is a great cube once set up properly. It has an easy-to-use adjustment system that only requires one small tool and it's easy to customize on the go. It's an excellent flagship cube and is arguably one of the best 3x3s on the market.

GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev)

GAN 13 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev)

$ 58.95

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