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ShengShou Dino Cube
The ShengShou Dino Cube is a puzzle known around the world for being very fun! ShengShou's refresh of this puzzle is a great improvement featuring brighter stickers and smoother, more stable rotations.
$ 6.95 $ 5.91
ShengShou (5x5) Mastermorphix
The ShengShou (5x5) Mastermorphix (Gigamorphix) is a smooth-turning puzzle with bright shades and a solid mechanism.
$ 16.95 $ 14.41
ShengShou (Elite) Kilominx
The ShengShou Elite Kilominx is the newest challenge from ShengShou after their Master Kilominx! This item moves so smoothly it is insane. The overall build quality of this item is amazing and it is a pleasure to use.
$ 74.95 $ 63.71
ShengShou Puzzle Box
The ShengShou Puzzle Box is perfect for any occasion! This set is great for new or old cubers or even aspiring cubers! All of the puzzles in this box are tons of fun and are a great introduction into the world of...
$ 34.95 $ 29.71
ShengShou Petaminx
Introducing the ShengShou Petaminx! This puzzle was made for those who love the megaminx and are ready for a bigger challenge. ShengShou has done a terrific job engineering a smooth turning and stable petaminx for you to enjoy!
$ 226.95 $ 192.91
ShengShou (8x8) Kilominx
The ShengShou 8x8 Kilominx fills the final gap in the 2-layer through 9-layer series of flat faced (non-pillowed) dodechahedron puzzles. Just like the other puzzles in the ShengShou flat faced minx family the 8x8 Kilominx turns nicely and shares the...
$ 209.95 $ 178.46
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